Eli Williams is a videographer, photographer, producer, DJ, and instrumentalist from Morgantown, West Virginia. His work is a direct reflection of the gifts and abilities that God has given him and he chooses to use those gifts to glorify his creator and support his wife. 


As an 8th grader, Eli began to experiment with GarageBand to make beats for fun (as he deeply enjoyed Christian hip-hop). Eli continued to experiment with music production until he started working with a band local to Pittsburgh known as Profound Revival. There, he learned Logic and the depths of music production. In 2019, Eli began working with an award winning rapper known as Lamar Riddick. This is where Eli became a business owner and began to take the craft seriously. He shortly after started his official business and began to explore creative outlets. In 2021, Eli purchased his first camera and began photo and video work and by the summer of 2021, he went full time as a creative business owner.


Now Eli works as a freelance producer and visual artist throughout the United States and even does international work. He also works for West Virginia University’s marching band as the social media manager and shoots numerous other projects for the university, from documentaries to photoshoots. You can see some of his work in the other tab as his vast skill set has allowed him to work on many different types of projects. In his free time, Eli spends time with his wife and is currently finishing a Bachelors degree.